The Amore Diamond Promise

The Amore Diamond represents the unique combination of modern innovation with over a century of experience in the diamond business.

The Amore Diamond is built on a unique idea: choosing a diamond doesn't have to be complicated. Diamonds can be simple to understand. Making the right choice can be easy. This unique approach and reputation for excellence has gained notice from many publications.

At Amore Diamond you'll find high-quality diamonds certified by the most respected independent diamond grading labs. Every order is shipped free, guaranteed and returnable, so you can be sure you made the right decision.

Exceptional Quality
Amore diamond offers only timeless classic diamond makes. The diamond you select will always be in style, making it an ideal gift. To ensure your selection is of the highest quality, all Amore diamonds go through 21 quality control points in the manufacturing process and are inspected again by our laboratories. Amore diamond offers only timeless classic make. The diamond you select will always be in style, making it ideal for gift giving. Amore diamonds are graded by the world's leading laboratory, the Gemological Institute of America, and inspected again by our staff gemologists to assure 100% compliance. Amore diamonds never compromise on the quality or craftsmanship. Only the finest cut reaches our customers.

Outstanding Value
We offer you outstanding value by bringing you a selection of the finest diamonds direct from the cutters to your doorstep. We bypass the intermediaries in the traditional distribution channels and pass on the savings to you.

Expert Advice:
Expert advice Amore diamond allows you to make an informed decision. Special care should be taken when buying fine diamonds. Take your time and investigate the different buying venues, and take detailed notes about the items that you are shown. After careful research, we are confident that you'll find Amore diamond quality; value and expert advice together make for the wisest buying decision.