Diamond FAQ's

Why does the color look better with an Amore diamond?
Amore diamond "face up" brighter for their color than diamonds cut to lower standards, because they reflect and refract the most possible light back to your eye. Interestingly enough, not only do they sparkle more they also look bigger for their size than any imitators.

How can I make sure that my diamond doesn't get switched at the jeweler?
One of the special features of an Amore diamond is the laser inscription on the edge (girdle). Each Amore diamond bears a unique serial number as well as the Amore diamond logo. The inscription is recorded on the American Gem Society certificate, so you can always check the diamond against its original certificate.

How are Amore diamonds cut?
Amore diamonds are unique because they are the world's most perfectly cut diamonds. Every Amore diamond is perfectly proportioned, perfectly polished and perfectly symmetrical. All Amore diamonds are cut by master craftsmen using state-of-the-art techniques. In this high-tech world, you'd think that diamonds cut by machine would be more precisely cut than those cut by hand. The truth is that all Amore diamonds must be cut by hand - not laser or some other technique. They are a testament to the incredible precision of our master craftsmen.

Diamonds have twelve cutting grains. Facets are best cut exactly perpendicular to one of these grains. This means that the cutter must cut each successive facet in a new orientation to the cutting wheel. A computerized machine can mechanically seek the proper orientation, but it can rarely make the fine adjustments necessary for achieving perfect polish.

Different facets cut at varying rates of speed. Only a skilled cutter can make facets perfectly symmetrical. Precise judgment and timing are required to ensure that each facet is neither under-polished nor over-cut. Master cutters are known to be even more precise and economical than their robot rivals!

Where can I get my own Amore viewer?
The Amore viewer is only licensed for use by authorized Amore retailers. They have the proper training and expertise to show and explain all the nuances of the hearts and fire burst patterns. This remarkably simple tool enables consumers to see how light travels through perfectly cut diamonds.

Why did your company create the Amore diamond?
The Amore diamond was created to take the fear out of buying diamonds. They are the world's most perfectly cut diamond. Each diamond is cut precisely for maximum beauty. The value is verified by you - the difference of perfection is a difference you can see.

Where can I buy Amore diamond?
Amore diamonds are sold by authorized retailers through out the world. Check the locator on this web-site to find out where you can view Amore diamond in your area. Go see for yourself the beauty that is inherent in all Amore diamonds.

What is the best way to view diamonds?
The best condition for viewing diamonds is face up and with varying amounts of light. More light will give you more sparkle, but low indirect light will show you how well the diamond transforms even the tiniest amount of light. Cup one, either loose or mounted, in your hands and you'll be amazed.

Can I get my diamond re-cut to an Amore diamond?
At the present time we manufacture all Amore diamond from the rough. We have no immediate plans to re-cut existing diamonds, although it may become profitable in the future.

Can anyone laser inscribe a diamond?
The process for laser inscription is patented. All of our work is done under license. It is not possible for jewelers to do this on their own. This is one of the main reasons that it offers you protection from loss or theft.

Does the Amore diamond have more facets than traditional round cut diamonds?
Amore diamonds are the epitome of the 58 facet modern round brilliant. The difference is the perfection of the cutting. Amore diamonds are cut to absolute state-of-the-art standards for a round brilliant diamond.

What are some tips for choosing the best diamond?
Most diamonds are sold on the basis of the 4 C's - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight.

Color, clarity and carat weight are all rarity factors affecting diamond value. White is more rare than tinted, clean is rarer than included, and big is rarer than small. So these conditions all affect price.

Cut is the main factor that determines the optical beauty of a finished diamond. Quite simply, the more precise the cut - the more beautiful the diamond. The more beautiful - the more brilliant, the more colorful and the more sparkling. When you choose an Amore diamond, you choose the most beautiful diamond. Color, clarity, and carat weight are secondary and subject to your tastes and budget considerations alone.

If you would like to experience the wonder of Amore diamonds, please try the retailer locator on our web site.

How does the color of a diamond affect its look?
The body color of a diamond, especially in gem quality colors (GIA, color grades D-J), has very little to no effect on the brilliance, dispersion or scintillation. These are optical properties associated with diamonds' beauty and superlative ability to reflect, refract and scatter light. In fact, Amore diamond often looks "whiter" because the transmitted light overpowers the body color.

What is the difference between the excellent and ideal cuts?
The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) uses Excellent for their highest level of polish and symmetry. Because of this the trade refers to AGS certificates as triple-excellent, which is actually a misnomer. All Amore diamonds carry the AGS certificate for quality and are triple "0" or triple Ideal: Ideal proportions, Ideal polish and Ideal symmetry. The hearts and fire burst pattern in each Amore diamond is visual proof of a fourth Ideal as well - Ideal scintillation - which is the sparkle caused by the ultimate contrast between all adjacent facets.

What is the difference between certified and non-certified diamonds?
The difference between non-certified and certified diamonds is independent verification of quality. On many diamonds, particularly expensive ones, the opinion of an independent laboratory gives assurance to the consumer that the diamond has been properly graded, represented and priced. Amore diamonds are independently certified to the strictest standards in the industry.

What is the difference between the Amore diamond cut and ideal cut?
There is a big difference between Amore diamond and "ideal" diamonds.
Amore diamonds are cut even more precisely than ideal cut diamonds, creating their unparalleled beauty. The Amore diamond is the ultimate in diamond quality and value.

Amore diamonds are cut by master craftsmen using state-of-the-art techniques. Each diamond is perfectly proportioned, perfectly polished and perfectly symmetrical - all verified by stringent independent laboratory analysis.