The A'more Viewer

The perfect symmetry of Amore pattern is best seen with the Amore Viewer. This unique tool will reveal the hidden beauty and brilliance of the Amore pattern in your loose diamond.

The Amore viewer is only licensed for use by authorized Amore diamond retailers. They have the proper training and expertise to show and explain all the nuances of the Amore diamond pattern. This remarkably simple tool enables consumers to see how light travels through perfectly cut diamonds.

You will also receive the Amore Viewer complementary with the purchase of an Amore diamond.

To use your viewer simply follow these guidelines:

1. With the ring on your finger, align the diamond face up.
2. Lower the Amore viewer slowly over the diamond until resting on your finger.
3. Align your eye and the Amore viewer centrally over the diamond until the pattern effect can clearly be seen.