Cut: Cut defines the style and finish of a diamond. Cut determines how well a diamond will reflect and refract light. The Better the proportions of a diamond are the more Fire, Sparkle, Scintillation, and Brilliance it will have. The more precisely a diamond is proportioned and polished – the bigger it will look and the more brilliantly will it shine. Each diamond is polished and analyzed under 100X magnification - far surpassing grading standards used by the world’s gemological labs. In addtion, a stone polished to Super Ideal proportions with exceptional symmetry and polish which shows eight hearts shapes (Pavillion)and eight arrows (Crown) when observed through a special viewer called Hearts & Arrows which generates light return of an average 99% in comparison with an average Hearts & Arrows that has a light return of an average 80%.

Carat: The Larger the diamond, the more rare and valuable it becomes. Diamonds are measured in carat weight. One carat is 100 points. Ex: A 75 point diamond = 3/4 carat or 0.75ct. carat is expressed as "carat" or "ct". Two diamonds of exactly the same carat weight will appear to be different sizes depending on how well each diamond is proportioned. Many diamonds are cut to hold excess weight in the pavilion or circumference of the stone, which actually leaves them smaller in diameter. Mor Brothers' diamonds are cut to exacting proportions resulting in a bigger diameter for their weight compared to traditional cut diamonds.

Color: The highest, rarest and most expensive color is D and goes down in alphabetical order. D,E and F are considered colorless. G, H and I are considered Near colorless. J, K and L are faint yellow and M, N, O are light yellow. The color and the price keeps going down until you reach fancy yellow and then it starts to go up again. All Mor Brothers' diamonds are exclusively restricted to the colorless and near colorless range.

Clarity: The better the diamonds clarity, the more rare and valuable it is. Diamonds are graded with a 10x magnification loupe. There are several grades of clarity which we will get into but they all fit into one of two catagories. Ones with eye visible inclusions and ones with no eye visible inclusioins. Those that are completely eye clean are most desirable. Mor Brothers' diamonds are strictly limited to the FL – SI range with no inclusions visible to the naked eye.