Quality without compromise

When two people fall in love, they long to express it with the same degree of passion that they have inside their hearts. Our Amore Diamonds are cut and polished so perfectly that they are visibly more brilliant, even to the naked eye. This fire and radiance truly captures the essence of what two people in love feel for each other.

The Amore diamond is the most perfectly cut diamond with extraordinary brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation. It has three distinguishing factors perfection in polish, symmetry, and proportion - which create special effect. This effect is attained when all the facets are precisely aligned and the diamonds are cut and polished to perfection.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Amore Diamond website, which we created to present the unique Super Ideal cut Round Diamonds to the elite clientele with a selection of the world's finest cut diamonds.

Now the famous Super Ideal cut with Hearts & Arrows can be purchased here on our web site, where you'll find the highest quality diamonds.

We invite you on the journey of light.